Leadership Perspective

2016 was truly a year of transformation for IEEE Foundation.

Over the past several years, the IEEE Foundation invested significant time examining our role in advancing technology for humanity. The outcome is a transformation of practices that:

  • facilitate larger, more globally focused programs in accordance with member interests while continuing historic support of the IEEE Awards, IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu, IEEE History Center and as an IEEE project grantor
  • concentrate on the beneficiaries of IEEE programs and their needs and the needs of communities worldwide
  • focus on the priorities of our donors and recognize their passions
  • anticipate the evolution of the needs of both beneficiaries and donors.

To enable these endeavors, the Foundation has transformed itself to become a formidable philanthropy – poised for unprecedented success ­­– capable of raising money and spending it wisely to make positive change in the world. As a result, the IEEE Foundation’s mission is resonating with stakeholders and gaining momentum.

Throughout this Impact Report, we share how we have transformed, sustained and grown existing programs, expanded the reach of philanthropy, and are addressing future objectives.

Your gifts in 2016 enabled the IEEE Foundation to provide nearly $3.9 million in program support to initiatives above and beyond what is possible with IEEE support alone. Your dollars have been hard at work funding IEEE strategic initiatives and projects, including programs classified within four categories in this report:

  • Illuminate – the possibilities of technology by using it to address global challenges
  • Educate – the next generation of innovators and engineers
  • Engage – a wider audience in appreciating the value and importance of engineering & technology
  • Energize – innovation by celebrating technological excellence

Each gift to the Foundation impacts future generations of technologists and supports current practitioners. No matter your discipline, as a community of technologists, we share the challenge of being solution providers.

This report demonstrates how the IEEE Foundation is committed to ensure that each gift makes an impact and meets the high expectations of the donors’ intentions.

Thank you for your support and for helping us to realize the full potential of IEEE.