Our Donors

appreciating those that make possibilites become reality.

With contribution from generous sponsors around the world, the IEEE Foundation invests in philanthropic programs that advance technology and education for the benefit of humanity. Every donor who makes a gift to the IEEE Foundation makes a difference.

S.K. Ramesh

IEEE Fellow, IEEE HKN Member

Emphasizing Service as a Core Value

Lewis Terman

IEEE Life Fellow & 2008 IEEE President

Giving Back by Supporting Unique Programs

Dr. John S. Thompson

IEEE Life Senior Member

Focusing on the Future


Corporate Donor

Looking to the Next Generation

Pam Jones

IEEE Senior Member

Dedicated to Serving Young People in the Community

Fred Mintzer

IEEE Life Fellow, HKN Member

The Opportunity to Change Lives

Anil Pahwa

IEEE Fellow

Supporting IEEE Smart Village

Dave Green

IEEE Senior Member, HKN Member

Paying It Forward

Cecelia Jankowski

IEEE Senior Member, HKN Member

Motivated to Make Life Better

Gary Blome

Affiliate Member

Allison Marsh

Contributing Member